Daily Motivational

My Vegan Success Story

As a vegan for the past thirty-eight years, I do not consume anything with a face or rear end. The reason for my choice is not only compassion of animals, but also for better health. Years of overloading on sweets, starches, and deli meats were taking their toll on...

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Doing Is Succeeding

Doing is succeeding, so you are already half-way there just by checking us out and wanting that change or needing that motivation. Failure is never attempting to try. You have gotten this far in life so you are already a winner. Now show yourself and the world your...

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Workout Pushups

Nutrition Tips

Pre-Workouts: do they actually make a difference?

If you are like me, it is hard to find the energy to work out after a long day working or running errands- which is basically living life. Pre-Workouts have been a staple in my daily exercise routine. I look for ones of high-quality with less chemicals and more...

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Red Light Therapy: Gimmick or Success?

Gimmicks, fly-by-night therapies, and new technology come and go every week. How do you know what’s legit, when to quit, or just ignore? I decided to try this Red Light Vibration Therapy for my sore legs and was happily surprised with the results. [gallery...

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