Meet Phil

Meet Phil

WELCOME to starting your path to success! I too had a journey, which began with my love for food, constant yo-yo dieting, and fad exercise workouts that took me nowhere.

I continued with frustration until finally reaching my limit. I then decided it was time to study fitness and nutrition for myself. A real life change was learning methods behind proven success, plus the inner workings of why and how things function regarding exercise, the human body, and nutrition.

I am ACE Certified and fully insured for any exercise setting or workout you choose. Be assured that you are in the presence of a professional.

Heavy Before Picture

Weighing 320 pounds and working a job that required constant lifting of heavy items aided in my daily workout routine. This helped along the way with my stability and many other factors. A year later with proper exercise and nutrition, I was 195 pounds and have kept that constant weight for over 4 years now. I have set myself new goals to achieve as a lifelong process that I want to share with you!

Your good health is the basis of living a long happy life.
Make the most important change you will ever do, today!

My philosophy

We all exercise for different reasons to achieve various goals. I help motivate you to keep on track and be accountable. Fitness isn’t just physical. Much of it derives from the mental aspect. I believe in helping people by demonstrating how to stimulate their mind and body as one.

Results don’t happen overnight, so guiding you with short-term goals assists in reaching lifelong results.
Experience comes from continual repetition. I assisted a 79 year old client win a 3 mile race in her age bracket 2 years in a row. This was a lifelong dream since she was 50.

Another GetFitPact client, at 40 years old and 30 pounds overweight, lost 40 pounds and kept it off with my methods and personal interaction which took 7 months to achieve in a healthy way and has kept it off for over 2 years now. My motto is continue to do what brings you joy and self fulfillment and success will follow.