My Vegan Success Story

May 25, 2021

VeganAs a vegan for the past thirty-eight years, I do not consume anything with a face or rear end. The reason for my choice is not only compassion of animals, but also for better health. Years of overloading on sweets, starches, and deli meats were taking their toll on my digestive system. I attended a weekend seminar on veganism by well-known author/nutritionist/radio personality Gary Null at his upstate New York farm.

Information imparted was an eye-opener, regarding the inadequate staff and poor USDA inspection of meat and fowl. We learned that often if a cow has cancer, that part was removed and the rest allowed to be butchered and sold without the consumer’s knowledge. Chickens, turkeys, etc. were crammed into gigantic indoor pens and given various medications to make them grow faster artificially for market. The oceans were full of plastics and poisonous chemical PCB’s that fish ingest, which is passed into our bodies when we consume them. This has a negative effect on our immune system, even potentially causing cancer. Eggs improperly kept can carry salmonella. Dairy products create an acidic environment in your digestive system. To counteract and neutralize this environment, calcium is leached from your bones. Thus, dairy is not a good source of calcium, rather it actually robs your body of calcium.

Eliminating dairy relieved my arthritis pain. Organic coconut milk is my favorite and there are many cheese substitutes today that melt well and taste good. I have no acid reflux like many at my age and my former colitis is a distant memory. A cup of green tea starts my day followed by a shot of apple cider vinegar in water.

My daily protein goal is 50 mg. Breakfast is usually a protein shake with coconut milk and oil, frozen berries and mango, raw vegan protein powder, Aloe Vera juice, cinnamon, turmeric powder, orange peel powder, and some bone strengtheners (boron and selenium). Meals include fresh green salads, steamed veggies, with either brown rice, quinoa, or buckwheat groats as roughage. Nuts ground into powder (to avoid bits in my teeth) are sprinkled on salads. I also have plant-based Beyond Meat burgers with mushrooms. Homemade vegetable soups are filling. Salt is rarely used with lemon juice a good option instead. Tofu mushroom cheese omelets make a nice meal. I avoid sugar and bread altogether. An apple a day keeps my colon happy. GMO foods are often sold to us without our knowledge, so I buy organic and gluten free goods. Water-water-water – at least 64 oz. daily helps boost my brain and refresh my body and keep my skin glowing.

At eighty years old, my morning exercise regimen includes 125 sit-ups, weight lifting, and vigorous hill-walking. This gives me energy and a positive outlook. Vegan life is good when you treat your body and brain as a precious gift to be nurtured. Eat right to feel right.

-written by Marnet M.