Services offered

GetFitPact steps for a new member

I will speak with you: in person, by phone, or online–whichever works best.

Once I determine your desired needs, wants, and goals, we will arrange a convenient time to meet personally. I will then test the following, so we have a baseline reference to be checked monthly to ensure your progress:

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse rate
  • Range of motion
  • Stability
  • Body mass index (body fat %)

If you decide your diet needs tweaking, I can map out nutritional guidelines specifically tailored to your goals, with foods you enjoy. I can even shop with you to show healthy variations of your favorite foods, and how to navigate your local grocers like a cuisine expert. Meal prep is available, so ask for more details.

Whether you choose fitness training, nutrition or both, we start our journey together, and I will help you be accountable in achieving your goals.

During these COVID times, I offer indoor gym, outdoor, in-home, or online fitness training. All precautions are taken with sanitized equipment, masks, social distancing, COVID approved sanitized wipes, and optional disposable gloves.

At Home Training

At home

I arrive with a complete range of exercise equipment which has been sanitized to COVID-19 standards prior to your use. We will workout in the comfort of your home whether inside or out – the choice is yours. You are also welcome to bring up to 4 guests of your choice to enjoy this time. Functional training is emphasized because everyday life and being physically ready for it matters. Feeling relaxed in a familiar environment can help stimulate success, so why not feel at ease in your own home.

$75 per session

In Gym Training

In Gym training

We will meet at a gym from a list I will provide to you, that offers many locations throughout Scottsdale/Phoenix and surrounding metro areas. I will complete your customized workout session in an environment that will familiarize you with how to navigate any gym on your own.

This knowledge will give you confidence when you decide to go on your days off from our training. I know how overwhelming a gym can be. I’ve been there myself so this is a win-win for you!

$40 per session

Private Gym

Private gym One-on-one training

We will meet at a gym of your choice from a list I will provide. There are many gym options and areas with private facilities offering a one-one-one setting. We will complete your session in the utmost privacy and discretion possible. You will have use of a private shower and restroom that have been COVID-19 sanitized.

$60 per session

Outdoor Training


I will meet you at a park of your choosing within a provided list. We will complete your workout in the gorgeous Arizona outdoors. I provide every detail for your comfort:

  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Fresh sanitized and wrapped towels
  • Sunscreen
  • A tented area to sit and workout under
  • Music contoured to your tastes
  • A full range of exercise equipment from TRX straps to Battle Ropes, Kettle Bells and everything in-between
  • Feeling friendly? Bring a guest, and spread the fun!

$40 per session


Trail hiking/trail-running training

We will meet at a specified hike/trail park from a list I will provide. Whether you seek a 5 mile hike or 1 mile trail run, you will experience the most beautiful outdoor settings Arizona has to offer. Bring a friend to join this outdoor fitness program at no extra cost.

$30 per session



I offer a bootcamp style workout from as few as 1 person up to 30 people. This session is based on your physical assessment test. My workout is done in a way where you get the most out of your time. I alternate lower and upper body exercises so you don’t tire out too quickly.

Starting at $5 per person per session



This can be done in person, phone, online, or email. This is the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that’s right – you heard me correctly. Exercise is only as effective as what goes into fueling the energy you use. I will formulate a nutritional guideline for your exact dietary needs/restrictions/allergies to provide a long-lasting plan for healthy living and dietary success. I will accompany you on a one-time shopping trip to show you variations and options within your grocery store. Need meal prep? I’ve got your back!

Nutrition plans start at $20

Online Training


Via webcam, we will workout while you are in the privacy of your own home. This will require only a few exercise items that you can purchase at your local store.

$25 per session